View Full Version : Happy Thanksgiving from Loco Libre Gear

11-24-2016, 08:09
I just wanted to thank everyone here on the forums for another year of support. I am thankful for everyone in the Hammock Forums community. We are truly blessed by you.

My prayer is that each and every one of you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


soul embrace
11-24-2016, 08:16
Happy thanksgiving to you also.

Missy Lou
11-24-2016, 08:19
Happy Thanksgiving to you too George! I hope you enjoy this holiday with family and friends :)

11-24-2016, 08:29
Happy thanksgiving and thanks George

11-24-2016, 09:08
Happy Thanksgiving and blessings to your family, George. That goes to the whole hammock community.
After spending the holidays with family, we may really be looking forward to an escape into the woods!

Johnny Gunz
11-24-2016, 09:18
Happy Thanksgiving to the cyber camp!

11-24-2016, 09:31
Happy Thanksgiving to you

11-24-2016, 10:01
Happy Thanksgiving, George!

Levi Tate
11-24-2016, 10:16
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family George. Enjoy your day off.

11-24-2016, 12:06
Thanks George! Happy Thanksgiving. Tried out my new TQ from you last night it the backyard. Nice and toasty so far. Real test will come next week on the trail, but seems like a great product.

11-24-2016, 19:14
Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you had a great day!

11-24-2016, 22:06
Happy Thanksgiving George.

11-25-2016, 00:14
Happy Thanksgiving!

11-25-2016, 00:44
All the best to you and yours George. Looking forward to meeting you again.

La Picker
11-25-2016, 08:00
Back at ya George

Jedi hanger
11-25-2016, 08:45
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family George.

11-25-2016, 09:08
And thanks for the Not-Black-Friday sale...can't wait for my quilts, even though I have to. I am excited...they will be my first hammock quilts :D