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Pennsy Camp and Canoe
12-03-2016, 16:33
This might go for most UQ's but I've settled on Loco Libre Cayenne Pepper, I like synthetic and have seen a couple in the wild :lol:

1. Wide vs Standard; I'm leaning towards the wide, I'm a big guy with wide shoulders (at least I that's what I think), what are the pros and cons of the wide vs standard? Can the wide version be harder to get set right (gaps and such)?

2. I'm about 5'11", looking for full length UQ, how do you like to measure that? I know I'm opening a can of worms here, but the more opinions and reasons for those opinions will give me something to ponder and might spark my final decision. I was planing on just the 70", but an extra inch or two is only a couple bucks more so I haven't decided yet.

any help is greatly appreciated, I'm kinda nervous to jump into the underquilt life, I've done a couple DIY ones from an old sleeping bag and haven't been satisfied *, although Laurie loves hers lol.

*ps: still think my pad is more comfortable, my DIY UQ squeezes me, and the suspension either is too tight across my feet or head, or seems to slip off my shoulder and I wake up with the UQ next to me instead of under me. I'm sure it's user / creator error on my part, hoping a professionally made UQ will be better.

12-03-2016, 16:42
*Full disclosure for those who don't know, I own Loco Libre Gear*

We sell just as many wide as we do standard, so I'm sure you'll get plenty of opinions. I don't think you'll find the wide too be any more difficult to set up, and we're pretty generous with the draft collars so gaps should not be a problem.

Are you looking for full length top of head to bottom of feet coverage? Then I would suggest 6-8 inches longer than your height. Just my opinion, and what I suggest to most people.

Pennsy Camp and Canoe
12-03-2016, 16:46
cool, thanks for the info George, and BTW, wow fast reply!