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02-08-2017, 15:02
My DD swag just got here and its pretty cool. I got a nice brown hoodie and a green T shirt, and each has a different outdoor hammock scene on the back that says " explore the outdoors " under it. They also threw in a free DD sticker to add to the collection I have on my pot cozies lol. Nice shirts, inexpensive and no added shipping costs. The price that's listed is what you pay. Period. Check them out @ DDhammocks.com , they have a few different designs on their shirts. Between these and my Shug shirts, I can represent all the time now! Lol


02-22-2018, 15:37
The mountain scene DD T-shirt is one my all time favorites. It is soft, durable and the green color is great. I was also blown away how quick my order arrived :thumbup1:

02-22-2018, 15:42
Is this the same DD that made my tipi tent?

02-26-2018, 07:07
Yeah the tee is supper soft but I havent really ever worn it because it shrunk in the wash and when it came the neck opening was made twice the normal size for some reason. So when I put it on the first time the shirt fit OK, but the neck opening was huge. I put a long sleeve tee under it and that made it a little better until it went through the wash, now I can barely get it on..... what a shame. The hoodie has held up great though and I wear it all the time.