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03-01-2017, 21:58
Woman’s Discussion Area (open forum)

1) Threads in this area should be directly hammock related. If you wish to start a thread related to camping such as hiking, cooking, privacy there is a section in the Donating Member area for those questions.

2)While this is the Woman’s Discussion Area, our male members can and will post here. If you wish woman only to respond please put Woman Responses Only in your subject line. It is asked if this is in the title that men do not respond but they are not prohibited from responding nor will they be moderated from responding. If you are a male and have information you wish the OP to have, please feel free to use the PM function.

3) Woman’s Discussion Area is visible to all members of Hammock Forums both men and woman. Men can and will post in the threads started. The moderators will not restrict posts in the area beyond what is written in the Terms of Service.