View Full Version : Camping for Women: "Hammock-ing Me Crazy"

03-04-2017, 14:28
I found this article today on Camping For Women: "Hammock-ing Me Crazy: What you need to know about hammock camping"


This looks like a good resource for sharing with other women to learn about hammock camping. It makes some excellent points (startup costs, suspension/tarp/bugnet), though I would have probably said some different things. Also, the story has some nice photos.

I searched the forums and didn't see that this resource has ever been mentioned (it was published about a year ago), so I thought it would be the perfect thing to post here.

Check it out.

04-21-2017, 15:10
That last picture is super cool!

05-17-2017, 12:51
I was hoping that this article would be a good resource, but it was bare-bones basic, and needed a bit of editing. It really didn't address any of the things that I wish I had known when I first got started - other than the underquilt issue, and it didn't address cost at all. The article did have some nice photos, though.

09-16-2017, 17:42
I think this article is in need of some more insight, I can see how people could get hurt by just reading this article and then heading out in the woods. It needs to mention some safety points especially ones like don't attach to a dead trees and such.