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03-06-2017, 17:09
I got my Order Status Change email and just got my Order Shipped email today! :) I had an early morning order too like DuneElliot mentioned the other day. It's been a good wait from the point of view that I didn't need it right away and I can't wait to both see the Habanero and to try it out. 20* UQ, no extras and brown outer/orange inner - nothing exciting! This is my first UQ so I can ditch the pad...maybe a LL TQ next BF!

So take heart all yea others who placed BF orders...it's almost time! :thumbup:

03-06-2017, 18:11
Congrats on the addition. Be sure to share pics of your new baby when the stork delivers it :)

03-06-2017, 18:47
Congrats! It will be worth the wait. I'm getting ready to order a 0* Habanero for a friend. Just need to discuss colors. That OutdoorInk from Ripstop by the Roll is pretty amazing selection.

Luke Benson
03-06-2017, 19:19
I guarantee it is worth the wait

03-06-2017, 19:33
Great news! Enjoy!

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03-08-2017, 12:44
Grats ! Well worth the wait friend !

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03-08-2017, 14:57
Mine was shipped on March 3rd and arrived at the PO on Monday 6th (talk about fast shipping). I can't pick it up until Saturday due to my work schedule so I know it's just sitting there waiting on me...now THAT'S torture!!! :crying

03-11-2017, 15:43
Hi All
So my 20* Habanero from LL’s Black Friday sale arrived this past Wednesday. I looked at it then but didn’t have time until today to really look at it and get to know it. First off…this is my first quilt of any kind after having the cheapo CCF pad for my first year so I don’t have any reference to compare this too. I got a standard 70”, 800 FP, no extras in the Coyote Brown outer (90) and the Burnt Orange (67) for the inner. I originally ordered it with the orange as the argon 90 but switched it after seeing Spiguyver’s video and contacted George to switch it over to the 67 which he accommodated. Nicely stitched, evenly filled, draft collars – I’m loving it! (first time posting pics so hopefully this goes ok)...

What I can say is – This is a very nice piece of gear – and so light compared to the synthetic sleeping bags I’m used to! It weighs 25.3 oz in the stuff sack that George provided. I haven’t experimented with how much more it could be compressed down in the stuff sack but I could see the size going down to be about 2/3 of the size shown in the pics in comparison to the Nalgene bottle.

Laying flat on the floor, I’d say it lofts up at about 2.5 inches.

To attach and adjust, I took this opportunity to take the bugnet off the WBBB XLC for the first time (rewatched a few of Shug’s vids too for tips). Definitely has the lift that Shug mentions with respect to the primary suspension. Having the bug net off helps with getting your arms out and sliding it around. From there I just set the secondary suspension so that it should be in the sweet spot when I try a trial run with it (definitely not this weekend though…it’s about 20 deg out here with winds at about 15, gusting to 30!).

Ahh…now just need a topquilt…and some other temperature range sets…maybe a few more hammocks too…how much mad money is lying around?! It is so badly a disease! :woot::drool: