View Full Version : New Reaper in Hand!

03-19-2017, 20:26
Got my 20* Reaper in today..Sure looks good! Cant wait to finish my DIY hammock and get out in April!

Here are the specs.

80'' 20* w/ 2 oz overstuff
90 argon gray outer.
90 argon lime green inner
Gray stitching on the inner/ lime green stitching on the outter.

As a note. This quilt measures 80" end to end without stretching or pulling the fabric! Excellent craftsmanship George!! Cant wait to get it out on the trail!


The Tree Frog
03-19-2017, 21:08
Nice looking set. Enjoy it!

03-19-2017, 22:35
Sure looks like a beaut! I do like that lime green.

03-19-2017, 23:43
We set up every Reaper before they are shipped, and every time I just think,"Man that's a pretty quilt". Enjoy!

05-13-2017, 08:53
After an extended period of patience �� I just received my first two reapers. The quality is breathtaking, as are the colors. I got charcoal gray exterior on both, one has Moroccan blue interior the other has brick red interior, to match my ghost peppers. Stitching on the charcoal gray to match the rich interior colors. They look awesome!!! Pics to follow. It's soaking wet right now I can't bring myself to take my brand-new quilt out in the muddy mess that is my backyard for test hang.

05-14-2017, 20:21
Very nice! Great color combo!!

05-15-2017, 18:25
Looks to be another beautiful Loco Libre Quilt! I'm Hopefully About 4-5 Weeks Away from 20*Ghost Pepper/10* Reaper Set. I went with Charcoal Grey outer and Brilliant Blue Inners. Hopefully they look just as sweet. Enjoy your Quilt.