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03-26-2017, 07:52
We have been trying to get a group together in which to have group hangs twice a year... Once in Spring and Once in Fall... As of now we have about 13 or 14 individuals both male and female that attend or have attended... Some of us are past scouters and some just interested in the woods and hammocks.. We basically car camp at a primitive camp area in LOUISVILLE KY. Therefore you can bring the kitchen sink. We usually do a mountain man breakfast on Saturday morning and a potluck Saturday night.. Both of which you are not obligated to do but are more than welcome.. We usually ask people to bring a item to help out to cook... The camping area we use is in Jefferson Memorial Forest which is easily accessed from I65 and I-265. Yes Jefferson Memorial is a pay site but if enough show up its usually a couple of dollars. The site we reserve for each event is a group site with tons of pine trees with a nice floor of pine needles.. This site will easily hold 30 campers.. So if this is something that might interest you please look for the forums of outings in the southeast, we have our Spring event already up. Its the last weekend in April. This group has also developed a Facebook page titled KENTUCKY HAMMOCK HANGERS. For those who use Facebook..

Trail Runner
03-26-2017, 09:07
I did my BT/AIT (OSUT) at Fort Knox and have been wanting to visit for sometime. I honestly don't know why because, even being generous, my time there pretty much sucked. Anyway, I can't make the spring outing but I may be able to make the fall hang and combine it with a day at Knox. Would you happen to know if Fort Knox is still an open post? I.E. civilians can enter freely.


03-26-2017, 12:00
Yes Fort Knox is open to civilians... Our fall hang has not been scheduled yet but usually the weekend before Halloween