View Full Version : Ridgeline to frontline?

05-17-2017, 17:00
I'm looking to add a ridgeline to the frontline if it's possible ?

Not sure how long it would need to be ?

Also, how would I get it through the net without ruining it ? And would it be high enough to hold the netting up ?

05-18-2017, 01:09
It is possible... But!.
The Frontline is a short hammock, only 8'10" long, so the ridgeline will be a bit in your face and won't support the bugnet very high. On your hammock the ridgeline would be 6" closer to your face than in my 11 footer (27" sag vs 33" @ 30 hangle).
I had this problem with my DD Jungle Modular, but I got round it by making it impersonate a longer hammock (to make the ridgeline ride higher). How did I do that? I effectively added over 12 inches to each end of the hammock, by putting a very long CL through the end channela, then attaching the SRL to the ends of them, instead of the hammock ends.

Now to the problem of feeding it through the bugnet. I used 1.2mm Dyneema. braided fishing line, it's like a teeny tiny Amsteel, but with a 300lb break strain. The good thing with it is that you can thread it through the netting on a needle, without damaging the mesh. Thread it through just under the reinforced bit, where the bugnet suspension cord is attached.
What is important though, is making sure that the bugnet is not over-tensioned when you get in the hammock, i.e. don't make the ridgeline too high!


05-18-2017, 05:20
Thanks GadgetUK

I will do what you've done and add some extra long CL.

Do you have any pics of yours at all