View Full Version : Just ordered my LLG Ghost Pepper

07-20-2017, 21:51
Okay, I definitely didn't need another quilt or sleeping bag. I've got 20 and 40 degree bags from zpacks that open up as quilts well enough. But after hemming and hawing for all of July, I decided to order a 10 degree Ghost pepper.

65 inches, standard width, 900 down
GeoCam Tundra camo outside, deep purple inside, with requests for lime green accents
Neck baffle and hot footbox
D rings for sleeping pad (I do still go to ground)

Should come in around 21 oz if George quoted me right (I'm sure he did), just 4 oz heavier than my 20 degree bag. Honestly the foot hotbox was a big seller. My feet are always cold, so hopefully this upgrade will be worth the added cost and weight.

Couldn't pass up the 15% off (worked out to be about $50 which helped me justify the upcharge on the geocam).

Now the wait begins! Should get here right around shoulder season!!

07-20-2017, 23:49
I'm totally jealous

Trail Troll
07-21-2017, 05:55
Awesome choice, you won't be disappointed.

07-21-2017, 09:45
Sounds nice. I love all three of my Loco top quilts and I "think" I may need another :)