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08-03-2017, 20:52
Hey Folks,
Well I guess it's time I answered a few questions. The vacation I intended to take n October didn't turn out as planned. Hurricane Matthew flooded us out of our house and then I ended up in the hospital where I was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. Since October, I went through chemo, a 4 hour surgery, then radiation. Recovery has been going well, but not fast enough for my tastes. Still not back in the house yet, but hopefully soon. I haven't spent much time on line, but I am feeling better every day. For any questions regarding orders or products, call the # on the website (my cell).
Cheers, Dale

08-03-2017, 21:40
Wow, when it rains ... Glad you are feeling better and God speed with your healing.

08-03-2017, 22:31
Darby get yourself well again. Can't wait until we can hike again.

2 Samuel 22
08-03-2017, 22:49
We will keep you in prayer. Recovery takes time, especially when treated with both chemo and radiation. Go slow and steady, eat right (lots of good veggies and fruits), and take a good daily vitamin, fish oils, and extra vitamin D. May you be blessed with a solid and healthy recovery.

08-03-2017, 23:44
So nice to read you are on the mend and feeling better Dale. Here's hoping you can get back into your house soon.

08-04-2017, 22:30
I thought you meant the Darby just down the road in the southern end of MT's Bitterroots. Nonetheless, I wish you the best and a speedy healing!

08-05-2017, 03:13
Sorry to hear of all that stuff happening to you. Glad to hear you are on the mend. I'll toast one to you next time I'm in the Fat Pelican!

08-05-2017, 06:47
Been through a similar cancer experience this year, so you have my sympathies. No one who hasn't gone through it can truly appreciate how chemo and radiation sap your strength and make you feel so awful. If it's any help at all, my best advice is to adjust your timeline. That is, give yourself plenty of time. Healing is a very, very long process. Think months and months, not weeks. You will STILL be recovering a year from now as your body adjusts and changes. It's super news, though, that you're feeling better. Give it time, lots of time. You've fought something in an arena most people are terrified to enter and you came out again. Good luck in future and best wishes.

08-05-2017, 09:17
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Glad you are doing well and keeping a positive attitude.
Keep on keeping on!

08-12-2017, 08:43
Thank you everyone for all the well wishes.
I am fortunate in that the treatments were tough, but I had less problems than most people during them. I am already back to hiking as my main recovery tool. The radiation ate up some muscle mass that I am slowly re-building. I hiked Old Rag (SNP) last weekend and averaged 2 mph for the hike, my fourth since surgery. My first three hikes were very slow paced to establish my ability. If I have to repeat the treatments, I want every advantage I can get. I am also planning my AT thru hike attempt for Mar 2019. This may sound overly ambitious to some folks, but it is the top of my bucket list and it never hurts to plan ahead.

08-14-2017, 07:27
Glad to hear you are doing better Dale. And glad to hear of the plans for next year.
A lot of hiking the AT is just the mind work, physically I have met folks I thought should be in a rocker and they were far along the trail, not fast but determined.

I hope to see you in October for a hike and a meal

08-14-2017, 11:12
Darby... Glad to hear that you are still doing well in your recovery... Smee and I wish you well and a speedy recovery...Take care!