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12-05-2017, 23:51
Hello all,

I've been doing my research and I am strongly considering getting a Loco Libre Operator Series 20 Degree Ghost Pepper TQ but I haven't seen much on this forum / the rest of the interwebs in terms of reviews or user experiences.

Do any of you have any experience with the Operator 20? I am new to hammock camping / backpacking, looking for a good all around quilt for 3 season trips in the Northeast.


12-06-2017, 00:15
Have the regular Ghost Pepper and it is awesome. I am about a month in my 9 week wait for UQ for my Ridgerunner. Only downside is the wait.

12-06-2017, 00:20
Unfortunately I can't help with this specific question, but while waiting for other to chime in, you can check out these reviews that others have written about Loco Libre TQs:

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12-06-2017, 09:41
I don't have a 20 deg. Operator, but my 50 deg. one is easily my favorite quilt. The fabric is so smooth, its incredibly light, as well as beautiful. You will not regret it!

12-06-2017, 09:48
I do not have experience with the Operator Series quilts; but my Saver Series 20 degree top quilt is awesome! The craftsmanship is superb; and I personally think it's rated conservatively. It has a ton of loft. I'm sure the Operator Series is no different.

07-12-2018, 08:40
Months late to this party, but since no other owners of this actual product chimed in -- just a cadre of dedicated LLG customers like myself -- I'll add...

I own the Loco Libre Gear Operator Series Ghost Pepper 20-degree top quilt.

It's beautifully constructed. It's amazingly light. It works very well. It kept me warm last winter just as promised.

In short, the Operator Series Ghost Pepper 20 is my favorite and most highly prized top quilt.

It's 100% Cowboy-approved. :thumbup1: Eso. Es. Todo.

07-14-2018, 07:31
Loco Libre gear is top quality stuff. I own an UQ from them, and it's absolutely perfect. I wouldn't hesitate buying anything from this company.

07-19-2018, 14:46
I have some late input on this also. I received my operator series 20degree this spring so I have not yet been able to test its lower limits so I cannot comment on that but I can say that I am very pleased with the weight and quality of it. I wanted to lower my pack weight and it’s bulk and I was not disappointed. I have a couple other 20degree high quality quilts from other manufacturers but are 800fp and a little heavier material and I am amazed at how much smaller this thing packs up. From now on I will always pay the extra for the down and also get the lightweight fabric....it is worth it to me.
Quality, weight, pack size. Total win for me with this quilt.
I only have one issue, because nothing is ever perfect. I don’t like snap/drawcord foot boxes.

10-30-2018, 18:26
Do loco libre have ghost pepper with the sewn foot Box instead of the snaps and cord?

11-03-2018, 19:23
Do loco libre have ghost pepper with the sewn foot Box instead of the snaps and cord?

Yes they do, but not in the operator series.

11-04-2018, 19:45
Just ordered one on 11/1/2018! I will leave feedback once I get it and test it. I did Foothills Trail from Oconee SP to Bad Creek Access on 10/26-10/29. The trip left me with a wishlist for gear upgrades and improvements. I have been using a Nemo Disco 15 degree sleeping bag but I would like to shed some weight without sacrificing warmth or quality. Can't wait to try it!!

11-05-2018, 09:10
I love mine so far. Haven’t tested its limits yet, but mine weighs 18.6oz in its stuff sack and lifts up incredibly well! I am one happy customer!