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01-12-2018, 21:23
Hey all, I was hoping you all could share some hammock suggestions for me. Iím interested in a new light backpacking hammock, suspension and rain fly. The only wrinkle is that I have an eno bug net and if it wonít fit the new hammock, Iíll need a new bug net as well.

I donít have any complaints about my old eno double nest except that I had the slap straps and eventually they stretched out. I ended up trading it to my friend for something non hammock related because my DH hardly ever uses his (prefers golfing to camping) and I got a new Farland hammock for in a secret Santa. So I have plenty of hammocks for day hangs and festivals and whatnot.

However, I read through this forum about all the awesome backpacking hammocks so Iím curious if there is better one for me out there...? And hopefully cheaper! Eno is pricey! Hence my reluctancy to get a hammock that wonít work with w the bug net making it a pricey loss, itís pretty new. But, Iím open to learning about the better options regardless.

Iím a 5í3 female and I preferred the way the eno would close around me as opposed to the single. And, Iíll be honest I donít know too much about suspension systems because as I said Iíve been using slap straps. But, I think Iím ready to up my game so whatever you guys can suggest I would love to start looking into and learning about.

Thanks yíall!

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01-12-2018, 21:59
First off can you sew and if not would you be interested in learning to sew? If so, that opens up a world of options in the form of DIY.

01-12-2018, 22:25
First off can you sew and if not would you be interested in learning to sew? If so, that opens up a world of options in the form of DIY.

I can sew a little. I can make pillows and drawstring bags and thatís about it. I do not own a sewing machine though atm.

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01-13-2018, 00:00
I would suggest attending a hang in your area so you can see first hand what is available. AND read this forum a lot and watch SHUG YouTube. There is a lot of information and every part of the system has about 12 options. There are complete systems, but they are pricey. You can add one piece of your set up at a time, but you will have to do enough research to know what is really essential first.

01-13-2018, 10:04
Dutchware has a great hammock and with Knotty Mods added, can close around you like a cozy hug even when lying the diagonal way. When ordering your hammock, if you order your suspension at the same time it comes at a great discount.
I love my 10'5" hammock from Dutch. I chose the lightest weight fabric which was cheaper, and I don't feel as smothered with the 11' hammocks. (I'm also 5'3") When purchasing, I just asked if they could do 10'5" instead of 11', and they kindly obliged. I have used it for backpacking for 3 years, and love it.
Dutch has great customer service, too. Going with a cottage industry, is great too, because if you need repairs or if there are malfunctions, send it back and they can help fix it at little or no cost.

Paddles Down
01-13-2018, 10:32
Personally I love my dutchware Chameleon and the fact you can get multiple coverings (full bug net, or full cover with only a partial bug net vent) there are lots of options and it is lighter than my Eno. Another good option that less expensive is one of his netless hammocks and because your smaller you could use the 1.0 fabric saving even more weight, I personally like the 1.6 because im a bigger guy and it's more durable. Your eno bug net may work with it too. Lots of options and good luck with your search. Happy hanging!

01-13-2018, 10:50
Everyone has a different idea on what is "best". What fits one person perfectly can be uncomfortable for the next. I have various hammocks & tarps. For me, when camping, I use a Hennessy Explorer with a build in bug net and bottom entry. I have some lack of mobility and as I get old it gets worse so the bottom entry works well for me.

But, as I said, each of us are very different. The suggestion to attend a hang is a very good one. Everyone is happy to show off their gear and most will let you lay down to feel the comfort. Check the state specific sub forum to find any hangs near you.

Good luck and welcome to Hammock Forums

Phantom Grappler
01-15-2018, 07:08
Consider 11 foot length for your comfort
And maybe a Dutch suspension---talk to them on phone to get a suspension that is light and easy to use.
Good luck

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Phantom Grappler
01-18-2018, 07:43
If you like being enclosed in hammock
You might want a wide hammock. Wide fabrics can be 6 feet wide and you can leave it at six or cut it down to maybe five foot six

Good luck

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02-09-2018, 20:13
Thanks for all the feedback, lots of great advice here! Iíll look into your suggestions and it may be a while but I promise Iíll report back! Thanks!

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02-10-2018, 00:13
I also like the 11 ft. Dutch Netless Hammocks - they're usually $42 but Dutch has some on sale for $30.


I also like the Dutch Whoopie Hook suspension ($39).

Unfortunately, the ENO Guardian bugnet is designed for ENO hammocks, which are shorter (9 ft. 4 inches), so the bugnet won't work with Dutch Netless hammocks. However, Dutch also sells a Fronkey-style bugnet ($57).


Buttinasling also sells Fronkey bugnets in different weights. I like the Nano-Buginator ($64.95).


As for tarps, you'll have to choose whether you want a cheap tarp, which will usually weigh more, or a 4-season tarp with doors, and choose between silnylon, silpoly or cuben fiber. Many people just starting out go for a Kelty 12 x 12 which can be found on Amazon for $40 to $70. The HH Hex is also a good value at around $70.

There are smaller tarps that provide less coverage, but I'm not a big fan of minimalist tarps - they don't do too well in blowing rain. When I first started hammocking, I didn't want to pay more than $25 for a tarp - so I have a bunch of suboptimal $25 tarps, but those deals don't seem to be around anymore (or they're from no-name Chinese companies). I picked up an HH Hex for $20 a few years ago, and that's the best deal I ever found, but it's heavy. I also made my own silnylon hex tarp, but that will still run you around $70 once you add in the thread, fabric, etc., (and you need a sewing machine).

Finally, you're probably going to want to think about getting an underquilt. The Jarbidge is a good value, usually for $100 or less. Some people get by with pads like a ccf pad, but once you try an underquilt you'll wonder why you ever struggled with a pad. Some folks buy a double layer hammock so you can put the pad in between the layers, but I'd rather save my money and get an underquilt!

03-03-2018, 15:17
I have a large freestanding bugnet will fit an eleven foothammock. if you pay shipping you can have it. pm me

03-03-2018, 15:18
i have a sill hex no doors you can have as well.

04-20-2018, 09:00
Just for some more information my wife is 5' 5" and she prefers an 11' hammock (Warbonnet is her favorite) It encloses her nicely and she can still see out the entry side.

05-13-2018, 22:58
I have a DIY 11' hammock and an ENO Double clone. I prefer the ENO- style because it's wider. I think I paid $20 for it at a local store. The suspension was garbage. Upgraded to Dutchware Junebugs with some 1 inch straps and love them.

My DIY hammock is lighter...I just don't feel as comfortable in it. I think the narrower width is the main reason. I'm 6' tall btw.

05-13-2018, 23:32
Also, the Gemini No-Sew DIY underquilt is a great option if you can get two down throws from Costco. I've used mine down to near freezing with an appropriate sleeping bag and been toasty warm.