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02-11-2010, 04:47
Does anyone have it? Or has something to say about it?

I think it looks nice. I'm thinking of buying it for winteruse.


02-11-2010, 08:03
I've used one for a couple of years now, very toasty but also bulky with it.

I've slept comfortably down to -6 C without any cold spots.

I've recently sold it to upgrade to a down model which comes in at half the weight and half the bulk but twice the price.

You should be able to see some piccies of it on my Loch Sween trip report.

02-11-2010, 14:50
The feeling I get is that I probably would be happy with it and that I would buy a new one after a couple of years A new one that is less bulky and not as heavy. Well, well...people seems pleeced with it anyways... :)

Gona check out your pictures!!

02-12-2010, 11:19
second for shewies coment (but i only got down to about +2 and i even upgraded recently to the same UQ that he bought.
i'm not a stalker! honest!

head down to the last two items on this link, i also bought the top quilt from here and it's fab too.

02-14-2010, 13:32
head down to the last two items on this link, i also bought the top quilt from here and it's fab too.

What link do you mean? :)

Thanks for the info guys!!

02-14-2010, 16:57
I bought a DD-underquilt two weeks ago.
Tried it in my back garden at aprox minus 2 degrees Celsius.
I was fine and comfy when it was time to sleep.
During the night it got a bit colder and I woke up around six because I was getting cold.
Nothing to do with the underquild, my sleeping bag has seen better days and is giving me some serious cold spots.
I am also a bit to big for my sleeping bag, so my shoulders made there way out of the bag during the night.
Did not use my normal sheep skin or undermat, just a small homemade mat made from some insulation stuff wich normally is used under wooden parket floors.
I try to figure out my minimum equipment list and I always carry that DIY mat to sit on so I was "allowed" to use it,
Normally I use my old woolen navy blanket, two big sheepskin, a thermarest and the old sleepingbag.
Only the underquilt and sleepingbag was better! much lighter ans smaller to!
At first it was a challenge to hang the quilt under the hammock, but I think I have figured it out.
I can take some pictures on request, it is still hanging in my garden for future testing.


02-14-2010, 16:58

sorry my fault.

03-02-2010, 16:17
I have one of these too. I've only had one hang in it so far but it was in september over here and I was perfectly warm. I can only echo the bulky comments as well.

Festus Hagen
04-10-2010, 22:29
Sorry I'm late to the party.

I have one. I've used it on a couple hangs, the coldest was in February where we saw nighttime lows of -5, -7, and -13 (all Fahrenheit, I guess that's -25C, on the coldest night?). To be fair I was using a Browning by Slumberjack -30 mummy bag, with a nice heavy fleece liner bag inside.

I like it fine for car camping. I've used it for a short backpacking trip, honestly the thing is both too heavy and too bulky for serious backpacking IMO. It weights approx 1 KG (what's that, 2.2 pounds or something?) Even combined with just my 15 degree bag (which weighs 3 lbs 1 ounce) you're starting to look at some considerable weight and bulk.

OTOH for car camping, it's awesome. Full coverage, no need to bugger around with a pad for your legs or whatever. Easy to hang, easy to adjust. For hiking I'll be using CCF until I spring for a nice down UQ, which seems inevitable...

As I've only used this to supplement sleeping bags, I'm not sure how it would work as a UQ combined with a TQ, but for me it has already paid for itself.

You can kinda see it under here...


04-12-2010, 15:20
I have two DD underblanketts, haven't really tried them out yet, me and my daughter did a overnighter last year (not winter) and we where nice and comfy, but I haven't done a winterhang yet, but I will...

04-23-2010, 07:03
I've got the underblanket and quilt from Snugpak. First time use was back in March, underblanket was fine kept me warm, the quilt however will need some thinking on:rolleyes:, probably use my artic issue bag instead. Yes they are bulky but compress down to a managable size.

04-29-2010, 14:17
yes i have one of these snugpack DD underblankets and well there mint yes there bulky but they do keep u warm


05-16-2010, 19:38
I have been looking at the DD Hammock Items and noticed the snugpack underblanket--the price is right, if I decide on a conventional hammock ( DD or Warbonnett).
But, I may be leaning towards a clark N.A. model. If I choose the clark, I may just scap the idea of an underblaket or quilt and just go with a lightweight pad with a windshield reflector to slide under the clark.
so many choices!!!

06-19-2010, 08:41
been thinking of this but i guess it's for being out in the snow / frost.

otherwise they seem rather bulky to me. i stick to the mummy sleeping bag, fleece liner & cotton liner & possibly when colder i can insert an emergecy (reflective) blanket between the layers. never got on with pads or blankets as they tend to move around, so i like to have this 3 layer envelope instead.

i'm usually fine if i've got the 3 layer thing going on i can keep out most of the cold spots, but then that's only spring - early autumn.

i'm thinking i could even have sleeping bag inside a bivy bag (maybe with space blanket underneath) just for simplicity / warmth.