View Full Version : So I rushed a bit.....

03-29-2018, 09:06
Ok, we all do it, and I'm no exception. I confess I bought a hammock with a cursory bit of reading. It arrived, looked great but I didn't get chance to test it. I continued to read and my reading cast doubt on my choice, the DD Superlight Jungle.

So today was the day to get it up and get in it.....and phew it's great! What a relief! It states suitable for 6ft5 and 125kg. I'm 6ft3 and 110kg but it is a shorter style hammock and so I was worried I'd be uncomfortable. Not the case at all. My side sleeping preference was so comfy I had a snooze when testing.

I'm off to bikepack the GR247 in Spain in May and I'll be using it then. It does what I needed it to do. It gives me a supported seat to relax in and a comfy bed to sleep in. Result!


03-29-2018, 09:46
Glad it worked out good for you. Now you can enjoy that trip.

04-02-2018, 18:25
WooHoo! Good for you!

04-02-2018, 18:37
congratulations on getting off the ground, you will be so much more comfortable. now to acquire a suitable tarp and insulation for your trip and enjoy