View Full Version : Order Shipment

06-25-2018, 21:28
Looks like my 50 Operator Habanero shipped today! Can't wait. It's gonna get paired with my new SLD Trail Lair & a DIY tarp I'm putting together. :thumbup:

07-01-2018, 17:21
Just in time for summer camping !

07-01-2018, 17:24
The Operator Habanero is such a great quilt -- pure down and nylon alchemy! You will love it when you receive it!



08-14-2018, 21:19
Piggy backing on this thread as my Operator 50 Habanero UQ shipped today! Ordered on 7/31 - wasn't sure if I could expect it before the cooler nights were upon us, and certainly didn't imagine a 2 week turn around. Thanks, George!

Quilt will be used with a WB Traveler XL. TQ is an EE Revelation 20 bought before I got into hammocks. Though the matching Operator 50 GP looks sweet and would save 1/2 pound...