View Full Version : Operator 20 Degree Ghost Pepper

09-04-2018, 10:40
Finally took the leap and order a 20 degree Operatoe Ghost Pepper. Moroccan Blue 67 outer and Moss Green 67 inner. Wanted to see how many others had one and ask that you share any info about it. Likes/Dislikes, etc. Thanks everyone!

09-04-2018, 11:06
I don't own the Ghost Pepper. But I do have a Saver Series Serrano, Saver Series Habanero, and a Carolina Reaper. All I can say is that the level of craftsmanship from Loco Libre is outstanding. I feel that George's quilts are rated very conservatively for temperature. In short, you will absolutely love your quilt!

Grey Mouse
09-10-2018, 23:57
I don't have exactly the same as yours but I do have the 0 Ghost Pepper and Carolina Reaper both in Argon 90. They are without question my favorite quilts.

09-11-2018, 06:16
I own -40 UQ, zero TQ and 50 TQ from Loco Libre and they have always performed well above my expectations. I went with EE summer TQ and that is fine . . . but I wish I had gone with Loco Libre there too.

Wimpy Minnesota winter hasnt mustered anything below -14 degrees since I got them so I can't say if that -40 is rated high or low but I was toasty all night at -14 with just light long johns.

Weather just started to turn here and I am looking forward to as much winter camping as I can this year.

10-13-2018, 12:33
I have a 20 Operator Series Ghost Pepper topquilt. I love it. I think the "baffled chevron" design works very well. This isn't necessarily specific to Loco Libre, but the snaps and drawcord footbox is great for giving you a lot of flexibility in using this quilt effectively even at warmer temperatures. I think the 50" is a good size width and I do use it for ground sleeping as well. (I wrap some shock cord around my pad and attach to the lower d-rings with prussik soft shackles. Usually don't attach the upper d-rings to the pads at all, as the snap and drawcord around the head area seem to be enough if I need to batten down.)

10-13-2018, 17:50
Just received this a couple of days ago. Haven't had a chance to test it yet, but it's a beautiful quilt. I picked up an in stock habanero that is burnt orange and titanium, so I changed the color on this to Moroccan blue and titanium. Nice looking set!

10-15-2018, 09:04
I have the 20degree operator also and have found it to be perfect for it's intended purpose. Lightweight and well made. The only dislike I have is that the operator series is a snap and cord foot box. Some people love it, not me, but I do not like it on any quilt.
Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase and I believe that it is a good value.