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11-20-2018, 16:47
Does anyone know wether the Long operator series quilt (80")
will cover the top of a persons head that is 5'11" to 6" tall?
I tried the 75" but it was to my chin. I understand the
cinch bottom shortens the working length.


11-20-2018, 16:57
My 80" Saver Series Serrano covers my head completely, and I'm 6'1". I don't think you'll have a problem. Mine is cinch/draw cord bottom as well.

11-20-2018, 17:54
I have the 80 serano and it covers my head with no problem. I am 511 to 6, depending on the day.

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11-20-2018, 19:47
I thought the 75" would cover my head. Its actually 71" unfolded. Shorter than my EE and HG.
Same length as my LL 50 though. Still, Im happy to have the quilt. George makes a fine
piece of gear.