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04-15-2019, 11:33
Why isn't this a popular tarp!?

I'm kind of new to tarps, but have had and used enough to know that this thing is built amazing! I've never seen a silpoly tarp with such sturdy, reinforced tie out points. For this type of quality, it should cost $200 or more! But it doesn't!

The size is Perfect. I'm 6'5" (195.5 cm), so i need room for my gear and my longer hammock as well as needing to pitch it higher. The 3 m x 3 m seemed a little small my 12' x 9.5' is too short on the 9.5' side and my 12' x 14' is too big! This is basically my Goldilocks tarp. ;)

The weight is a surprisingly light for a tarp this size and especially for being silpoly. It comes in at about 2.3 lbs or 1050 g. Not to mention I love the MC pattern/ colors.

It has not stretched at all, no matter how taut I've pulled it. I've had branches fall on it a couple times, (scared me so bad almost crapped my pants) but due to the durability, it had no problem standing up to it..

I have not been able to test it in the rain, BUT I assume it will perform admirably!

Check them out yourselves. DD Hammocks (https://www.ddhammocks.com/)

Sit tight for pictures and updates.

04-16-2019, 10:44
Who says it isn't a popular tarp? I'm sure, given the price, plenty of people are using one.

As far as why it isn't talked about more here, it's fairly simple: it's not a tarp made for hammocks, and it has little to offer besides the price. The Warbonnet Superfly weighs half and probably offers at least the same coverage if not more. Many, myself included, prefer even smaller and lighter tarps. I would only consider the DD for stationary use (e.g. hanging in the backyard) or for car camping.

04-17-2019, 18:26
Popularity is a little bit different being on a different continent. I had to scour the internet for reviews on the 3.5 m tarp.

I know it comes down to preference but I can't justify almost doubling the price for a tarp that is more restricting due to being rectangular, with doors. I know you can just "tie them back". As for the Camo the biggest is 11 ft. The Smaller tarps are good if you are smaller or are ok with compromising some weather protection to shed something like 11.5 oz. Me, I feel I do need a little bit more coverage due to my size and the size of my equipment.

Smokey Mtn Hiker
08-14-2020, 10:39
I have been using mine for a few years now. As mentioned above, the popularity may be that is is not a super lightweight backpacking tarp. I don't find the weight to be a deal breaker and like the extra coverage and versatility of the tarp.

09-15-2020, 10:39
Iím a wee 5ft 7 and the 3x3 DD tarp has been perfect. Hadnít realised a 3.5 existed. Happy for the coverage and durability though. As an ex-commando veteran this feels on par to life in a hotel.

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09-15-2020, 14:40
Here's a comparison image of a DD 3.5 x 3.5 and a HG Journey 12' hanging in the same location.

@Xackman the DD tarp is fine in the rain in my experience. As you can see it had been raining when I took the picture of the DD. The downsides of the DD tarp for me are the bulk, weight and it holds water more than the Journey's Silpoly. I agree with you about the DD tarp taking punishment, in that respect it's better than the lighter Journey.

https://i.postimg.cc/0N8DS6jb/comparison-dd-3-5-HG-journey-12.jpg The doors on the left are closed so it's hard to make a good comparison of the foot print. The right hand doors are partially closed with tie outs around the tree.

08-10-2021, 20:26
YEAH! I don't mind the weight. Being a Larger individual, I've lived with bigger and heavier things my whole life. I'm also not going more than 5+ Miles a day, so there's that too. But agreed if I were to go on long multi-day hikes, I would for sure bite the bullet, but a more expensive tarp and go with a lighter tarp. @Ravenblack, Thanks for Mentioning the Journey tarp! I might actually look at that for a "ultralight" (ultralight for a 235lbs guy haha) packing option.

07-07-2022, 17:12
Recently went car camping and thought I'd add my set up picture here. 188856