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Barefoot Dave
05-31-2019, 20:45
I feel like a dork for asking but can anyone give some basic info on how to hook up the head and foot end to my suspension as well as general guidance adjusting the suspensions? My only other underquilt is a WB wooki which has no adjustments to be made. Thanks folks

05-31-2019, 22:20
The head and foot end of the quilt each have shock cords that are knotted together with a mini biner clipped at the point where they meet and these biners clip into the continuous loops at the head and foot ends of your hammock. This is called the primary suspension. If you have an 11' hammock, it's likely the length of the primary suspension does not need adjustment. But ideally you want the primary suspension tight enough that it will lift the unoccupied hammock a little higher off the ground than it would be without the quilt attached. If it's not lifting the hammock, there is an adjustment at the head end where you can cinch the shock cord down to shorten the length of the primary suspension.

Next, at each of the head and foot ends, there is a pair of Lineloc 3 adjusters with lengths of shock cord running through them. These should be adjusted so that they're under decent tension without being crazy tight. This is called the secondary suspension and it keeps the underquilt extended along its length and prevents the middle of the quilt from sagging away from the bottom of the hammock. You can also adjust the tension a little tighter on the sides of the quilt where your head and feet will lie to skew the quilt a little to correspond with the direction of your diagonal lay preference. Tighter on the sides where your head and feet will be; not as tight on the unoccupied sides opposite your head and feet. So if you lie head left/feet right, the left side at the head end and the right side at the foot end will have the secondary suspension pulled a little tighter.

Finally at each of the head and foot ends there are 2 spring-loaded cord locks with lengths of shock cord running through them. These cinch the ends of the quilt closed to prevent drafts from getting in. You want them to seal against the bottom of the occupied hammock but not be so tight that they create gaps. The down-filled draft collars are there on the quilt to provide a little extra insurance against gaps and drafts.

I probably missed a few tips and tricks, but others will chime in, and Shug for sure has some good videos you can check out. He has more underquilt videos than I can count.

Practice, practice, practice!

05-31-2019, 22:48
Here is my UQ Playlist.....https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLahaAdtfX9ZKzSYSBm3mBYSPGHjdyGqsL
You may find some insight.
Carry forth.

Barefoot Dave
05-31-2019, 22:53
Thank you for the pointers! Cheers and happy hanging!

06-01-2019, 09:49
FWIW, all Loco Libre quilts have the primary suspension set for an 11' hammock. So if your hammock 11' long, you won't need to make any adjustments there.

The secondary suspension allows you to adjust where the quilt is going to rest along the hammock- closer to the head end or foot end. It also helps to keep the quilt pulled outwards- maximizing its length.

Finally, the ends have shock cord as well, for sealing the gaps at each end. You'll need to play with this a little. But in my experience, 3/4 length quilts don't need the ends cinched up as much as full-length quilts- because your body will be able to seal those gaps when you're in the hammock.

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