View Full Version : Merry Christmas!

12-25-2019, 08:48
Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas!https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20191225/c70e33a440140322899cbea28ae352b6.jpg

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soul embrace
12-25-2019, 11:08
Merry Christmas! looking forward to my topquilt that I have on order

Levi Tate
12-25-2019, 12:23
Thank You George.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Hope to be hanging with you in 2020.

12-25-2019, 12:33
Thanks and same to you and yours, George.

12-25-2019, 13:03
Merry Christmas to you and yours George!

Tyroler Holzhacker
12-26-2019, 10:41
Have a muy Loco Christmas George! Hope all is well with you and family in 2020 and that I get a chance to meet up with you again before too long. Maybe I will go to the Spring MAHHA this year. I am enjoying the LLG Habenero Zero degree UQ that you made for Peppy, that I then bought off of him. Your gear is unmatched.

12-26-2019, 20:56
Merry Christmas from a new customer!

Flash Grundelore
12-27-2019, 07:55
May the new year be kind to you, George.
[btw~ I'm sleeping with my GP every night just on my bed... like sleeping under a bag of warm air!]

12-27-2019, 08:04
Merry Christmas to yall as well. I hope the New Year brings you joy and happiness.

I also hope the New Year brings you down to HangCon 2020.