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01-18-2020, 10:09
Selling as a single package for $145 by PayPal includes shipping CONUS:
Moment 18 mm Wide Angle Lens
Moment 58 mm Telephoto Lens
(And Iíll throw in for free a Yi Action Camera complete video set up)

(You will need to by your own Moment phone case in order to attach these lenses to your phone. Cases run $24-30 new at ShopMoment.com (http://ShopMoment.com) and are available for iPhone 6+/iPhone 6S+ through iPhone 11 as well as for Galaxy and Pixel phones...check the Moment site for compatibility with your particular phone.)

I like their cases. Iíve used my continuously for the year and a half Iíve owned these lens. Initially I had thought Iíd just slip the case on when using the lenses, but the case has ended up being my every day phone case and Iím keeping it even though Iím selling the lenses because I like being able to carry my phone around my neck. (All the Moment phone cases have an attachment point for a neck strap.) If you have an iPhone 8 and you just absolutely want the case the same time the lenses are arriving, I guess Iíd be willing to sell my case for an additional $15.

Iím throwing in for free the teensy Yi video camera I bought several years ago...along three rechargeable batteries, a double battery charger, a 64 GB micro SD card, and a micro SD card adapter, and all original packaging and instructions for the Yi. (I had aspirations of making videos of my hikes, but I wasnít techie enough to figure this camera out.)

Here is the wide angle Moment Lens on my iPhone 8:









01-18-2020, 15:07
Are these lenses compatible with a Galaxy Note 8?

01-18-2020, 15:38
Are these lenses compatible with a Galaxy Note 8?

I just looked on the Moment site and they sell cases to fit the Galaxy Note 8, so, yes, these lenses are compatible with your phone.

01-18-2020, 16:54
I’ll take it.

01-18-2020, 17:37
SPF to Tigglet! :)

01-18-2020, 20:59
I’ll take it.

(PM with my PayPal address was sent to you.)

01-18-2020, 22:44
Funds received. Thanks, Tigglet! I’ll PM you the tracking number.

01-18-2020, 22:44
Payment sent.