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01-31-2020, 15:31
Here's a link to the newly redesigned DD TQ : https://www.ddhammocks.com/product/dd_hammock_quilt?from_cat=36

DD has turned it into more of a mummy bag shape and added a hood as well as a cinchable back like the WB Diamondback and AHE White Cloud TQ's. It weighs 1.9 pounds and has a listed 35 temp rating. Overall it looks like a pretty neat design and looks like it will insulate better than the previous version. Below is a comparison between the old and new. The old quilt has the ability to be completely opened like a blanket and the new doesnt, but I think the added features could possibly make up for it. As soon as mine arrives from the UK I'll post my review. What do you guys think?

Here's the original version:

And version 2.0:

I'll also be taking a look at their "magic carpet XL", which is a ground sheet and 30L waterproof drysack. I will also be testing out a few things from Snugpak, their " Snugfeet" insulated booties which contain Softie Premier insulation and Antarctica mat which is a non-inflatable winter sleeping pad thats made from their Paratex light fabric and also filled with Softie Premier insulation for a weight of only 20oz. I will be trying out the Snugpak Base Camp Ops Expedition 10 sleeping bag as well.

I love my cottage made down insulation , but living here on the water I need synthetic gear too and so far I've been impressed with all of the Snugpak gear I've got over the years. All of their hammock insulation has performed to its temp rating and has held up great.The 1010 tarp got me through some nasty storms until I moved up to a cottage made tarp and is constructed surprisingly well with no rips, tears or bad seams. I use their Patrol Poncho all the time when I'm standing at the bus stop for 20mins in the pouring rain waiting for my daughter, and the insulated Poncho Liner is my go-to for those cold mornings at camp. More recently, I've gotten their Base Camp Ops inflatable pillow and Ionosphere bivy tent for those times when I've got to leave my hammock at home, and a few other pieces of gear that I can't seem to remember lol. All in all they might night make the lightest gear, but so far it's all been pretty bombproof, and that's exactly what I needed it to be.

01-31-2020, 16:27
looks interesting. always interesting to see you US folks looking at UK gear too given i'm always ordering the other way. might have a look at this myself when i get a chance as the price is very reasonable, especially when UK based. not sure i feel about putting my head through the hood though!

01-31-2020, 17:37
One cool thing about DD is their prices include shipping, so that $15usd tee shirt or $26usd hoodie is actually cheaper than if I bought a hoodie or tee here and had to get it shipped lol. Figure that one out! DD has amazing shipping too. The last time I ordered something I placed my order at 8pm Monday ( eastern standard time here on the east coast) and I had my stuff Weds. morning......AND it not only went from the UK, across the Atlantic ocean and was in New York city customs by Tuesday afternoon, it then went to Chicago, then to Baltimore and finally on a truck to my local post office by 9am Weds morning! How is that even possible when it takes 3 days for me to get something from Dutch who's only 40 mins away? LOL. I've always had good luck with DD and Snugpak gear, it might not be the lightest but it's all built really well and affordably priced.