View Full Version : Custom Leather Sheath for Seal Pup / Seal Pup Elite

03-01-2020, 14:06
This is a sheath I got from a members Etsy shop, at least I think it was Etsy, don't quite recall. Anyway its a leather sheath for a SOG Seal Pup or Seal Pup Elite. I ended up going a different way for my bush crafty knife and the Seal Pup ended up going in my bug out bag. So kind of a long shot but just thought I'd see if any wanted the sheath. I have no purpose for it but it would kill me to just throw away such a finally crafted leather item. It's designed for vertical or horizontal belt carry, comes with a sharpening stone in the the little front pouch and obviously a spot for a firesteel or whatnot.



03-03-2020, 13:57
I'll take it. Thanks for your generosity on this, and all the other offers. PM coming.