View Full Version : What's the best time to hike the East Coast Trail

06-24-2020, 08:49
My wife and I will be thru hiking the East Coast Trail next year and would like an idea what you think the best month to do that is. We do not mind it being chilly and we also do not mind it being muddy but she hates mosquitoes. Any suggestions?

And any suggestions on getting a ride to the southern terminus from the north?

06-26-2020, 20:11
Stay away from the spring months until after June to avoid black flies and mosquitoes. If it was me I would do it August through September. I can’t help out with any ride suggestions.

07-07-2020, 10:55
Wrote it on the calendar for beginning of September. Thanks for the help.

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07-16-2020, 12:46
day time is best

08-02-2020, 22:23
day time is bestDaytime in August/September to be more specific. Best of both worlds, really!