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07-19-2020, 14:46
Prices include shipping and Paypal fees to ConUS, Paypal.

Bundle price is$210 shipped.

I am a size Large. The Montbell is an XL and fits as such, but I got it to layer over a Large to forma UL and versatile system w/an insulating vest or another puffy for very cold conditions - works perfectly. The MacPac is, in my opinion, the ultimate mid-layer for the lightest warmth for the weight and bulk - XL but fits like a Large. The Patagonia is a Large.

1) Montbell UL Down Inner Parka, Excellent condition w/slight pilling on sleeve material shown:

MacPac Nitro w/ Polarguard Alpha insulation. WAYYYYYYY light mid layer. New in charcoal color:

Patagonia R2 fleece vest in royal blue - combination of a grid and high loft fleece is amazing. Excellent + condition.

07-19-2020, 14:55
Do you have pics

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07-19-2020, 14:57
Yeah they're up now - had trouble uploading initially.

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07-25-2020, 14:29
MacPac withdrawn. Other sweet warmth remains!

08-02-2020, 10:04
Today take $5 off each piece that's left.

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