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07-21-2020, 20:17
Robin Egg Blue SilPoly XL fabric, w/stuff sack, ridge line is 156”, center width is 134”, w/doors and Kam snaps, 3 pole interior mod. Poles collapse to 16", also included is a 13' No-See-Um Single Snake Skin, Lawson 8" titanium stakes, Lawson 1.75mm Statline ridgeline w/hdwe, Lawson Glowire guy lines w/LineLocs. All totaled is 32.3 oz.

Excellent condition, LIKE NEW, free of ANY cosmetic stains, or damage. Only hung a couple of times,…never on car, or backpacking trip. CONUS shipping incl. at $385

07-29-2020, 06:44
Is item still available? If so you may want to bump it at least once every week. Items that are inactive are subject to being removed from the Market Place area, it allows members to know you are still interested and it will keep the moderators from "pinging" you! (Bumps mean to respond in the post)

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Thanks for your help

07-30-2020, 17:23
Bumped down to $365, and still includes CONUS.

07-30-2020, 20:41
PM coming

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08-04-2020, 17:03
did you sell?

08-04-2020, 20:11
It's still available,...

08-10-2020, 05:44

08-16-2020, 04:05

Midwest Firecraft
08-21-2020, 13:34
Private message sent.

Midwest Firecraft
08-21-2020, 14:52
I will take it. Please send PM with PayPal info.

Midwest Firecraft
08-21-2020, 21:12
Sounds good. Thank you.

08-21-2020, 21:13
SOLD to Midwest Firecraft,...and thank you. PM has been sent.

Midwest Firecraft
08-21-2020, 21:20
Payment sent.