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11-03-2020, 21:42
So I just received my first order from Loco Libre and I will have to say I'm just as impressed as I thought I would be with the craftsmanship, these quilts are outstanding. I'm very excited to put these to good use.

That said, I have a question for those with more experience with these quilts than myself. Does George typically fill these quilts more generously than other manufacturers? I'm thinking these will be warmer than I expected, Haha. I didn't compare weights before ordering, at least not on the UQ's, and in my hand the 40 RR specific UQ felt thicker and fluffier than I expected. I also sort of expected sewn through construction, not baffles on that particular quilt and was pleasantly wrong on that expectation. I looked things up and it's a comparable weight and a bit more down fill than my 20 Lynx UQ from Warbonnet. I'm thinking it will be at least as warm as the Lynx.

I obviously haven't tested it out yet but does anyone else have experience they can share on comfort ratings of these quilts? For comparison, I've taken the 20 Lynx down to 17 very comfortably with a spindrift sock on the hammock...

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Grey Mouse
12-15-2020, 20:55
I own two sets of George's zero degree quilts that are also overstuffed. The other two quilts that I own are rated slightly higher with no overfill. It is my "opinion" that based on what I have seen George is not shy on down in any way. That being said my friend just ordered a set of overfilled quilts from another manufacturer recently that are also overstuffed zero degree quilts. Once she gets them in I can do a better comparison.

My 0F set has only been tested down to 27F on a rainy and windy three day trip so far but in late January I will hopefully be back at the Gorge and trying to hit single digits or lower. At the moment the forecast only says a low of 8F at night.

12-15-2020, 23:48
I did some research on this a couple years ago, and found that no one uses more down in their quilts than Loco Libre, all other things being equal- length, fill power, and temp rating.

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12-16-2020, 08:25
I have a 30 degree Carolina Reaper that is warmer than a 20 degree quilt from somebody else. It's warm enough for me that I have had it down close to zero with no problems. Not to knock anybody else, I have quilts from a lot of different vendors and I just really like the product George puts out.

12-16-2020, 08:53
Thanks for the responses. I'm pretty happy with the quilts, George makes really high quality gear and obviously doesn't cheap out on the amount of down he uses. I think I'll end up selling my 20 Warbonnet Lynx and getting a different summer weight UQ for the RR. I think the 40 LL UQ will more than cover my needs down to 15-20, especially when paired with the spindrift sock. I guess it's a good problem to have when you get quilts that are warmer than what you were expecting.

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12-16-2020, 11:59
I see Loco Libre makes a synthetic TQ. Has anyone tried one of those? What do you think? I'm about ready to buy an Arrowhead Equipment Owyhee but the Loco Libre brand gets so much love I thought I might try one of those in synthetic instead.