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02-25-2021, 15:40
I actually hate writing this post, but I'm selling off my truly wonderful hammock setup. The wife and I are moving on to our boat, and there is just not room for hammock camping gear aboard.

Please ping me with any questions or if I'm missing any data points you'd like.

I have hung in all of this stuff about 40 nights over the past 10 years, but not nearly as much lately with the boys off in college, and other things (like boats) occupying our time. These have all be stored "unstuffed" in my gear room / man cave.

Paypal for payment + 15.50 For Flat Rate Medium USPS Shipping

#1 PapaSmurf (Dream Hammock) Dangerbird #003 – $150
Yes, this was the 3rd Dangerbird PapaSmurf (Randy) made. I believe there were photos featured on one of the versions of his site, and a much commented review post here about 10 years ago.
120" Length x 60" Width Weight 37.5oz
Body - Double layer 1.9 ripstop black (sleeved for pad)
Netting - 0.9 oz noseeum
Overcover - Momentum 90R Blue
Zipper - #3 coil, double tab
Susp - 1/8 whoolpies in blue
Ridge - 2.2mm lash it
Hoods - Blue M90R
Peak bags - 1 blue 1 noseeum
Stuff sack - double ender
Straps - 1"poly blue 7' with Dutch buckles
crossgrain in blue
UQ loops built in to hoods
2 tie outs with elastic

I'll throw in a matching HG down pillow


SOLD ***#2 OES MacCat Deluxe Blue SilNylon with mesh snakeskins – $80 *** SOLD
Custom Blue SilNylon Deluxe 144" Hex tarp
Side pullouts to open up the space.
Continuous Ridgeline with Dutch hardware 1.8 Zing It
Prussics and beaners attach tarp
Mesh snakeskins
"Woopie-style" adjustable tie outs on elastic loops for tight setup


SOLD *** #3 HammockGear 20* Incubator with 2oz overstuff 850fp down – $140 *** SOLD
Black outside, green inside
Sił compression stuff sack
Includes Dutch ridgeline hooks
72" long
Fully adjustable - I have hung with this in all weather and just vented appropriately as it gets warmer.


02-25-2021, 16:15
I'll take the incubator UQ

02-25-2021, 17:17
I'd like the tarp please.

02-25-2021, 18:09
I will happily take the underquilt if the first person isn’t able to.

02-25-2021, 18:40
Incubator sold to PraireDog.

02-25-2021, 19:15
Tarp sold to tree2tree.

03-02-2021, 13:00
PRICE DROP on the Dangerbird. $120 shipped to lower 48
It should really find a nice home – it's a good rig.

03-02-2021, 21:47
I’ll take it. Pm incoming.

03-03-2021, 17:20
Dangerbird sold to GratefulDanny