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06-22-2021, 20:11
A couple of weekends back a fellow named Steven Coutts gave me an introduction to canoe poling; propelling the canoe by pushing off the bottom of the river with a pole. It opens up a whole bunch of new route options since you can travel UPSTREAM just as easily as downstream. Just think, no shuttling back and forth from put in to take out.

He's really keen to teach this age old skill to as many people as he can so that it doesn't die out. I'd like to learn more and so I'm trying to put together a group of up to 5 people for a proper course. It might be the basics in 2-3 hours for something like $30 or a full day course for $50.

Take a look at his youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTh3HXprNVQ).

He's located in Guelph so I suspect he would run the course somewhere on the Speed or Eramosa river, or maybe the Grand.

Don't have a date yet; just trying to gauge interest. Would be a Saturday or Sunday in the next few weeks.

Let me know if you're interested.


06-23-2021, 15:32
Oh, so interesting!!! This looks cool.

06-23-2021, 15:37
Post this on Paddling.com forums as well. There are a decent number of Canucks on the forum over there and inherently are interested in paddling.

I canoe plenty but never poled. Would be cool to learn from an old timer. I know in the BWCA to make it up some rivers poling is required, which means you'll likely have the place to yourself if you like that.