View Full Version : Twig Stove Show and Brag - Oct. 24/2021

09-14-2021, 07:29
Iím organizing a small, casual get together at Valens Conservation on Sunday Oct 24, 10am-whenever. A chance to make lunch or bake something on your favorite twig stove, meet some fellow twiggers, and see a large array of twig stoves all in one place.

I suggest we not share food due to COVID and we should all have masks readily available for when we get closer than 2m. Otherwise this will all be outside and Iím quite certain under the 100 people limit for outside gatherings.

We'll gather at our regular site (134 I think), or near by if that one is taken. Bring some sort of table on which you can put your twig stove so that we're not all crowded around the picnic table.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


76 highboy
09-14-2021, 16:10
Well, I would be into that.
Ive got more than a few twig stoves,fireboxes,etc. All homemade.
I will most likely make it an overniter,cause I can.:)