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10-09-2021, 19:28
I have 2 HH Expedition Classic's free to a good home or homes. These are the bottom entry style and served me very well in the early days. They are both identical in configuration and the original style suspension has been changed along with a few components to a more user friendly versions. Other than stakes required for the rainfly & adjustable tieouts, each is a complete setup, so what you see is what you get.

I take great care of my gear & even though these HH's have some years on them, they've been well taken care of & should provide plenty more happy times on the trail, car, motorcycle or bike camping or even for the kids to play in out in the backyard. All I ask is, if you want one or both, that you pick up the shipping charges. Each in its own stuff sack is, 2.92 lbs, add a box, packing material & I'd guesstimate 4 lbs. total.

First I'll take it for one or both.

What's included:

HH Expedition Classic (https://hennessyhammock.com/products/expedition-asym-classic) (bottom entry)

w/adjustable tieouts & Lawson bar tensioners (https://lawsonequipment.com/All-Products/Bar-Tensioners-p1081.html)

HH Rainfly

w/adjustable tieouts (Lawson Reflective Glowire (https://lawsonequipment.com/All-Products/Reflective-Glowire-p1024.html))

Dutchware camo tree straps (15'?) w/Cinch Buckles & Dutch Clips
HH Snake Skins
Stuff sack

Expedition Classic

Expedition Classic w/Rainfly

Bottom Entry Opening

Lawson Bar Tensioner

Dutch Clip

I'll be on vacation October 13th - October 17th.

10-09-2021, 21:51
I'll take it (for one). PM coming.

10-10-2021, 10:00
I'll take it (the other one).

10-10-2021, 11:35
I'll take it (for one). PM coming.You got it PopcornFool. Will PM shipping charges once it's all boxed up.

Thanks & enjoy.

10-10-2021, 11:36
I'll take it (the other one).You got it schwad. Will PM shipping charges once it's all boxed up.

Thanks & enjoy.