View Full Version : EGL @Valens Nov. 20/2021

11-16-2021, 08:39
I had heard that a bunch of folks were planning on hanging at Valens this weekend. Is that still a go? I'm in if others are.

12-03-2021, 22:44
I heard about it too but I was out on a bike ride that weekend.

Is there going to be a 2022 January Valens hang?

03-07-2022, 07:47
Wondering if there are any upcoming Valens hangs?

03-07-2022, 12:41
Sheener, I havenít heard of any but if you want one I say just pick a date, put it out there and people will likely come. This group doesnít need much encouragement.

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03-07-2022, 19:12
Hey guys, I believe a few of us are heading over to Valens on Saturday April 9th after the Ontario Backcountry Canoeing Symposium. We haven't done any cold weather gatherings recently because we always wind up huddled shoulder-to-shoulder around the fire making for a picture perfect super-spreader event.