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01-18-2022, 12:27
Looking for a Ribz pack. I bought mine on Amazon but they have been listed as "No longer available" and now not even showing up in the search. I've tried to contact the company but they appear to be no longer in business, even though their website is still up. If you have one in your camp box and no longer using, I'd like to get one or more for my kayaking friends. Thanks!

01-18-2022, 16:22
I have one that I could get rid of. I maybe wore it once. Only thing is I am up in Canada and shipping would probably add a bit to it.

01-18-2022, 21:31
I have one that no longer gets the trail time it deserves. It's lost a plastic end piece on one of the zipper pulls, but the loop is still intact and works the zipper just fine. I never replace anything like that, when doesn't impair operation, simply because it weighs a little less and I have that gramweenie sickness :sleep:

Shoot me an offer. As long as it covers shipping it's your's :thumbup1:

01-26-2022, 14:24
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Thanks for your help

01-29-2022, 08:09
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