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03-07-2022, 15:23
I have some sad news to pass along. I am not sure if anyone is aware of this. One of our previous moderators from way back has recently passed away. Grant, or as everyone knew him as Cannibal.
Cannibal was very active in the early years when Hammock Forums first started and helped get it off the ground. I was lucky enough to meet and get to know him. He was a great guy and a very enthusiastic person. I am at a loss for words as I always am when someone I know passes.

Phantom Grappler
03-07-2022, 15:56
I never got to meet Cannibal, nevertheless, goodbye for a while my friend, until we meet in the hereafter.

03-07-2022, 17:17
I never had the pleasure of meeting Cannibal either in person or on the Forums, but I'm reminded of a little angel statue I saw today. It read:

Your wings were ready too soon,
but our hearts weren't ready just yet.

03-07-2022, 17:43
I remember Cannabal. Pleasant memories of a fine person...

03-08-2022, 10:47
Not sure I remember this right, but I think he explained his screen name once by saying he was a descendant of Alferd Packer who was known as the "Colorado Cannibal". Our Cannibal made a lot of valuable contributions to Hammock Forums.

03-08-2022, 11:19
Yes, this was sad. But I'm almost certain this has been discussed here in the past? Also, I think I have referred to him as "now deceased" in recent threads discussing his testing of the prototypes of the original WB Yeti UQ (synthetic), when I have posted that picture of him snoozing away(in the single digits) in his Dad's Denver backyard, with no tarp and snow seemingly piled up almost in contact with the UQ! You could see where his breath was melting the snow on the bug net. The self proclaimed "human furnace"!

But, whether we have previously discussed this or not, it is good to remember Grant as well as his contributions to the hangers way of life. I never met him, but we certainly communicated a whole bunch over quite a few years. RIP Cannibal!

03-09-2022, 16:05
I met Grant in 2011 and hammock camped with him several times. Great guy, smart, always willing to help.
I wished I had a better picture, I probably do somewhere. This picture was taken on the 2011 Hammock Forums Colorado Winter Hang.


03-17-2022, 19:36
RIP Grant.

03-19-2022, 01:21
A death within our worldwide hammock community is always so sad...condolences to those closest to him.

03-20-2022, 13:38
We were fellow moderators. I only met him once, briefly at Trail Days years ago.
He answered quite a few questions for me.

Grant told me his name, Cannable was because he was a descendent of the Donner party that were trapped in a winter mountain passage in the 1800s.
He said he was at least 6 or 7 generations down from that group.
He might have said his family changed the name from Donner to Doner because of the controversy.