View Full Version : EGL New Year's Hang Reminder (Valen's - Jan 6-8, 2023)

12-02-2022, 16:37
Hey all. Just a reminder that our New Year's hang is coming up on Jan 6-8, 2023.

If there's enough interest, we can do a potluck of some kind.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Stay safe and have a hppy holiday season.


Whet Newdell
12-03-2022, 10:56
Great source for tarps:

Found this guy named Ed, and all he does is sell two sizes of tarps (for years now).

New, and at least 6 mil thick (perhaps 10? I canít tell).

8x10 for $20
16x20 for $45
(all in, no extra tax)

I got 4 big ones here (2 for a friend), and they seem pretty solid.

Iíll be doing a ďstealth wigwamĒ in the back woods here once hunting season is over on Dec 11.

Happy to take orders to deliver in January if anyone wants? Alternatively, you can reach Ed by voice/text at 519 500 8222

Seems to be a decent chap who is still doing flat-earth camping (future convert?)

(the drunken ground-pie eater)

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12-07-2022, 22:39
Looking forward to this one. I did an attempt up near Minden a couple of weekends ago and had some challenges with the UQ not staying close up under me, so I had to abort and retreat to the cottage. LOL

Iím eager to try again and learn from the group. [emoji41]


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12-12-2022, 08:32
I canít make it that weekend. Volunteering on Saturday and have a prior commitment (which my wife told me about and I definitely did not forget about) on Saturday evening. Might come out on Sunday morning to say hello.

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12-15-2022, 07:30
Planning to come for Saturday night.

Really need to get out in the hammock for a night.

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12-21-2022, 15:10
Happy Holidays guys. Looking forward to seeing everyone in January.

12-27-2022, 21:21
Hoping to come out on Saturday.

Huckleberry Hanger
12-28-2022, 08:16
I am hoping to stay over Saturday night. Might stop in Friday night after work as I drive right by Valens!

01-03-2023, 16:54
Will be out Sat morning for the night.
Looking forward to trying new quilts.
See you there.

76 highboy
01-03-2023, 20:10
Aiming for friday, 1:00 ish.
Wanna snag our favourite site.

01-04-2023, 13:18
Aiming for friday, 1:00 ish.
Wanna snag our favourite site.

Iím planning on being there Friday afternoon as well but canít stay the night.

Iíll have 3-4 alcohol stoves to test. Looking forward to feedback.

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01-04-2023, 19:55
Hi Gang,

Unfortunately my younger daughter and I were diagnosed with Covid last Thursday and was put on Paxlovid right away. We're both mostly out of the woods now, but we're under quarantine until Saturday so my long anticipated getaway at Valens has been dashed.

Better safe than sorry.

Have fun.


76 highboy
01-04-2023, 21:32
Bummer dude.
No worries,if there's any group food, I'll eat your share.

01-04-2023, 21:41
Hopefully someone brings their Trangia alc Stove cause my DIY versions stink. Iíd like to compare and contrast.

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01-07-2023, 17:15
Mmm lamb. https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20230107/e08ae36f15c5689e7d3237194541c86f.jpg

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Huckleberry Hanger
01-10-2023, 08:32
Nice seeing everyone! I had mentioned to a few of you that I might get a site this Saturday at Valens but that is no longer the case. Boo!!!