View Full Version : Canoe symposium/Valens mar 25

01-27-2023, 20:14
Anyone else going to the Ontario Backcountry Canoe Symposium? I just got my ticket. There’s a guy talking about bears. Should be interesting.

Will some of you hang at Valens?

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02-02-2023, 09:04
Hi Theyland. I will be attending the OBCS with my wife and daughter.


02-15-2023, 13:07
Always looking for an excuse to go to Valens! :cool:

02-19-2023, 01:59
I missed the February fun so planning to be there.

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03-12-2023, 16:01
Can’t make the symposium but planning on going to Valens for the night.

03-15-2023, 20:35
Tickets purchased, and Valens for the evening. Whoo buddy!

There are more close lunch options, and much easier free parking at the new location in KW. We made reservations and walked over to Beer Town for lunch during the winter symposium.

The church seating is oak pews, so bring a thermarest sit pad for the show...

There's also an LCBO next door if you forget your single malt.

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03-22-2023, 19:28
See you guys at Valens on Friday.