View Full Version : Thermoflect sheets

01-29-2023, 15:23
I have two sheets of Thermoflect material - the stuff used in ORs as part of rewarming systems post operatively. Has a blue side and a silver side - says "Do Not Use In MRI" on the silver side. Fairly light, flexible, and fabric-like. Was going to do something DIY-like with them like line a UQ with them and never got around to it. If you think you can use it, PM me and I'll mail them to you (CONUS only). First come, first served - I will close this thread when taken.

01-29-2023, 16:13
I'd like to try at least one - I've been thinking of experimenting with the cheap thermal blankets as an underquilt/topquilt booster but these sound like it would work without making me sound like I'm eating a bag of chips in the hammock :)

01-29-2023, 16:23
Taken by ScottS - Sorry Jakev383 - he came in with a PM at 16:07, and I did say PM for first come first served. Closing thread.