View Full Version : FS: New Warbonnet El Dorado, Wookie 20, Thunderfly 20D Bushwack Camo Tarp. UK/Europe sale only!

01-31-2023, 17:19
Warbonnet El Dorado
Hammock Fabric: Olive Green | 40D Dream-Tex Nylon

[B]Warbonnet Wookie
Wooki Length: XL (Blackbird XLC & Eldorado)
Fill Type: 850
Quilt Fabric: Dark Foliage | 15D Ripstop Nylon
20 Quilt.

Thunderfly Tarp
Ridgeline Length: 11ft
Tarp Fabric: 20D Silpoly
Tarp Color: Bushwack Camo

Total cost new is $600.

I'll do all three for 500 shipped to UK or Europe. They are brand new and unused.

Pics on request.

02-08-2023, 08:24
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02-11-2023, 08:18
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