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05-31-2023, 07:33
Let's try this again, been a while since I posted anything for sale...

SimplyLightDesigns.com Trailwinder underquilt/UQP (https://simplylightdesigns.com/collections/wind-blockers-bug-nets/products/trail-winder-asym-uq) - a 10 degree rated UQ (Apex 7.5) with Argon gray as the UQP and Ion Moroccan Blue for the insulation, for 11' hammocks. I feel compelled to state here that my experience is that I would not trust this UQ at 10 degrees, but rather its good to freezing and perhaps into the 20s. Very lightly used, like-new condition, weighs 754g itself, 777g in stuff sack (26.5oz/27.4oz). $160 shipped

SimplyLightDesigns.com Streamliner hammock (https://simplylightdesigns.com/collections/hammocks/products/streamliner) - 11' hammock in Marpat, double layer with pad openings, a little wider than std - custom to be as wide as the material will allow. Think this means around 60' wide, but it narrows in the middle with cat cuts. Loops for suspension sewn in the channels. Has UQ clips, a custom bag in the middle for storing items, and a custom bottle/can holder at head/left shoulder. Again, very lightly used and very good condition. Weighs 17.7oz in Marpat bishop sack. $70 shipped

Arrowhead Equipment Toxaway tarp - oldie but goodie, no longer available from AHE. This was my first tarp purchase in 2009, so its got some age on it, but is still a viable tarp. Its 12' long and one of the widest tarps available at the time (dimensions below). I've since *******ized it with white cuben (dyneema) doors, now turning off-white, and an internal pole mod, both done by ZQ - Donna, formerly of 2QZQ and now with Dutch. I use an aluminum tent pole with sections left out at the end to get the proper length. Weighs 20.4oz in the included mesh skins. I don't believe I can sell for the actual value, but its a real good tarp that I'm just not using anymore, and it needs to be used in order to stay in good condition. Would be great for someone new to the hobby trying to get a winter tarp for cheap so they can put more $$ into insulation. $70 shipped. Can include the pole I was using for an additional $10 - that much due to increased shipping.


$270 shipped if you buy all 3 as a pkg.

06-02-2023, 21:36
Is the underquilt symmetrical or asym? Is it of the modular variety described in the link as an option, or no?

06-03-2023, 14:24
Is the underquilt symmetrical or asym? Is it of the modular variety described in the link as an option, or no?

From the website link...

"Asym orientation is based on which way you lay in the hammock and the insulation is cut on the angle to save weight and pack space. The Broad Width option adds 6" to the shoulder width for those with wider shoulders."

Its head left, feet right orientation. Its separate from the hammock, insulation is attached to the UQP fabric.

06-07-2023, 14:48
Anything before I move this to the Facebook marketplace?

06-07-2023, 15:06
Photo of UQ


06-07-2023, 16:48
Interested in the AHE tarp. Do you have any pics of it set up?

06-08-2023, 17:01
I found some pics on your page, I'll take the tarp.

06-16-2023, 07:37
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06-19-2023, 11:27
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