View Full Version : Dryad Suspended Sleep Cot Shelter

09-16-2023, 14:12
Not using this suspended shelter and want it out of the house but also want it to go to a good home.

Here is a picture of the schematic.

Here is a picture of mine.

I am going to keep the two carabiners so you'll need to attach your own.

Suspended sleep shelter is in pretty good shape. No rips or tears to my knowledge. It's vintage shelter so plastics smell a little bit. I'm sure setting it up outside and letting it air out will do wonders.

I would like you to pay shipping for this. It is heavy and large. It's about 9lbs 5 oz and the box is 2 ft by 1 ft by 1 ft rougly. I live in Arizona so the closer you are to me the less shipping costs will be.

Sorry if you aren't supposed to charge shipping in this forum. The rules said item must be not cost/shipping. Not sure if the / means that I should or shouldn't ask for shipping costs here.

Anyways, thanks for taking this off my hands! I hope you enjoy!