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11-12-2023, 13:09
Homemade underquilt, not by me. It looks like it was made from an army blanket, fabric is synthetic. [Update: got feedback it goes down to around 45 degrees]. I would use only for car camping because it's heavy and doesn't compress down. Bought for $50 shipped and want to sell for $50 shipped not including G&S fees. On quick googling quilt was about $60 before it was turned into an undrequilt.

DDHammockStand. Just didn't have good luck setting it up. Maybe you'll have better luck. All pieces present. On one of the orange disks the little orange bump to hold in the round toggle popped off. I think I was supposed to wrap the cord around the pegs but forgot that step. I was just wrapping the toggle and cord once around the disk and it caught fine. I'm sure plenty of DIY solutions to that. Picture attached where thumb is pointing to little knob that broke on one disk. Most stakes are in good shape. A couple that I used have a little wear on the tops. Looking for $100 shipped.

Dryad suspension sleep shelter. It basically is a floating cot. Plastic is a little smelly so it needs to air out a bit. Just don't have room for it. I feel like it is such a unique thing I don't want it to end up in a landfill and want it to end up with someone who will use it. Pay for shipping and I'll send it you. My picture is showing the rainfly over it so sorry you don't get to see the cot itself. Ignore the red circle I was just asking a question here about it. Also, you will need to use your own carabiners. It doesn't come with suspension.. I think shipping will be around $SOLD.


11-12-2023, 14:18
Dryad suspension sleep shelter
I'll take it.

11-12-2023, 16:33
Payment sent

11-12-2023, 16:36
Payment received. Dryad shelter is SOLD.

11-14-2023, 14:11

45 degree synthetic underquilt dropped to $40 shipped.

DDHammockstands dropped to $80 shipped.

Thank you.

11-15-2023, 13:45
Bump underquilt for $35 shipped (unless shipping costs more, but unlikely).

DDHammockStand for $70.

Thanks for looking.

11-26-2023, 09:34
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11-26-2023, 12:29
Hammock Stand and Underquilt still available!