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11-26-2023, 08:20
Hello again, friends!

I'd like to sell a random group of gear in one package. Not sure if this is allowed, but please let me know if not. Since I'm not able to camp or hike anymore, I figured I'd sell a bag full of gear for one low price. I'll post pics but it will be a lot, and I don't remember all the brands and such. I'll try to list as much as I can, but I'm sure I'll miss something. I'll ask $100, plus $25 to ship it all Priority.

Gossamer Gear (I think it was called a gorilla bag, but I can't remember) 66L ultralight backpack
Optional GG hip packs

Titanium coolest, other random non-ultralight cookouts, a venom stove, another ultralight titanium stove, random zip pouches for storing and organizing gear, 2 sets of snakeskins, GG sit pad, GG foam padding, dutch ware hardware, harness style hip pouches, handmade gray ultralight hammock with bug net in snakeskins but with no suspension attached, 2 waterproof backpack covers.

I also have a costco packable down throw I will add to the kit just so it has some down in there. The throw is in perfect condition.

11-26-2023, 08:40
I'll take it

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11-26-2023, 10:17
Thanks! I sent you a message.

11-26-2023, 21:00
I noticed you have closed your thread. Please go ahead and move it.
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11-30-2023, 09:05
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