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Zach L
02-18-2024, 17:33
I have a Jacks r Better Greylock 4 0 degree I would like to sell. I have a few under quilts and this is one that I never use. It has only been used in my yard for a short hang. I have Never slept in. I have always kept in in the storage bag I got when I purchased it. Non smoking house. So itís basically brand new. I would like to get 200 bucks shipped for it. If you want more pictures feel free to message me and I would be happy to send them to you. PayPal preferred. 192228192227192229

Zach L
02-22-2024, 16:39
180 shipped

03-01-2024, 19:45
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03-04-2024, 19:53
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