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02-19-2024, 23:49
All items from a non-smoking home; PayPal accepted

(1) This is a nearly new Superior Gear 11-foot hammock rated for 30 degrees. The fabric is the lighter weight Elite fabric, all gray, and the down is 950FP. Adjustable ridgeline and has the snaps to add a wind protector and/or SG comforter to take you down to lower temps. Included is a Superior Gear Half Bug Net.

THE FLAW: the zipper track on the hammock is too short for a full bug net. You can install the full bug net, but you end up with a 1-inch gap where the zippers meet. So instead, you can use a Half Bug Net to cover your head and torso...your feet and legs are covered by your topquilt anyway. You can also install a SG Cocoon (zipped-in top quilt) on this hammock IN ADDITION to the Half Bug Net and you'll be fine. It just doesn't work that well to completely seal out insects with the full bug net.

$350 USD includes shipping within North America

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(2) Brand new Hammock Gear standard 11' netless hammock, black, with winter top cover in Moroccan blue. The top cover also fits the regular Circadian hammock from HG (but not the Circadian Pro).

Double-ended stuff sack included; no suspension and no carabiners.

One loop on the top cover blew out but I have added shock cord that does the job connecting it to the UQ hooks of the hammock. Neat design overall, the top cover is simple to install and remove; I just like my fiddly Chameleon rig a bit more.

$85 USD includes shipping within North America

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Willing to trade for Warbonnet tarps: Minifly and/or Mountainfly in silpoly, no camo please

02-25-2024, 11:36
Pre-emptive bump :)

03-04-2024, 10:10
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03-07-2024, 09:51
Is the full zip bug net included with the Superior Gear Hammock?

Also, What's the total weight?


03-07-2024, 10:30
It's a Half bug net that is included with the Superior Gear hammock. I do have a SG full bug net but assumed that with it not working all that well on this particular hammock, I'd keep it to use with my other SG 10' hammock.

Inside the included stuff sack (which can double as a ridgeline organizer) and with the Half bug net installed, the weight is 35 oz. So that's for your hammock plus a 30-degree underquilt all-in-one.

03-07-2024, 10:51
Send you a PM for additional clarity. Thanks!

03-11-2024, 10:23
Both hammocks still available

03-20-2024, 12:19
I'll take it : Superior 11' hammock.


03-20-2024, 12:44
SG 11' hammock off to its new home with fourdog