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Bc hammocker
03-17-2024, 11:07
Hello I'm new to hammock camping I got first hammock with bug net and tarp for my birthday and I've used it 2 times i really liked it I have a lot of camper and tent camping as a kid in most of the horsefly and surrounding areas is there anyone else in the area new or seasoned hammocker? Any advice on best spots for hammock camping out there?

Phantom Grappler
03-18-2024, 19:25
Camp near others who are camping in national forests and campgrounds. Sometimes you have to venture away from main camp to find trees that are good for your hammock.
At campgrounds and marked trails, you might see other campers who have hammocks too.

Watch Shug’s instructional YouTube videos. This series of videos gives top notch information and entertainment. Videos—How to hang your hammock. Insulation pads and quilts—how to
pitch your tarp. Suspensions…whoopie slings, straps with buckles, amsteel, knots, carabiners.

You might find a group hammock outing here on Hammock Forums. There you will see first hand all kinds of hammocks rigged in every imaginable way.

Good luck[emoji256]

Bc hammocker
03-20-2024, 12:49
Thanks for the advice and I love shugs videos he looks a looks and acts a lot like my great grandpa who past so I love watching all of his videos even the old ones