View Full Version : Thinking of buying a DD Frontline - need opinions

06-20-2010, 08:35
I'm new to hammocks and currently own a Grand Trunk ultralight and an ENO ProNest. I also have an ENO Guardian bug net.
I use a separate tarp with a ridgeline above my hammock and attach the bug net to the ridgeline running beneath (but against) the tarp.

I tend to toss & turn quite a bit as I sleep (several back injuries over the years, plus a shoulder problem finds me struggling to find comfort in a bed or hammock). For this reason I am thinking a double bottom hammock might be the best option for adding a sleeping pad so that it can't move around as I toss & turn. Also I'm not completely happy with the ENO bug net. It extends to the ground and I find it tends to collect dirt & leaves inside at ground level.

The DD Frontline looks to me to be a good 3 season option as it should be breathable (with no pad inserted) in hot weather and a sleeping pad can be added in cooler weather. I'm guessing it could be flipped over with the netting underneath when it isn't needed (for using the hammock as a seat or in cool weather when bugs aren't a problem).

I'm looking for opinions from users of the DD brand as to the quality, comfort, and versatility of these hammocks.

BTW - I also like my hammock hung taught (little on no sag) when I use it, I just find that option the most comfortable for my back.

Festus Hagen
06-20-2010, 09:50
I like my DD Traveler's hammock a lot. Just a couple comments that might or might not matter to you.

I'm around 6'-3" tall. I wouldn't recommend this hammock for anyone significantly taller.

Also be advised that these hammocks aren't super-light. I think the Frontline is a little lighter than my Travel hammock, but not my idea of "light". I think you could say that about most any double-layer hammock tho.

I ended up upgrading suspension to whoopies. There are other good systems out there but I'd plan on doing something...


06-20-2010, 10:00
i just sold a DD Traveler ...and there a very nice hammock....
nice flat lay ...and there bomb proof...the hammock was like a tank

the only thing i didn't care for was the weight....
but overall it's a well made hammock

06-20-2010, 10:41
Thanks for the replies so far!

The DD is sounding like my next hammock. :)
I'm not tall @ 5'6", so the length isn't a concern with most hammocks. :lol:
I have varied my weight from 135# to 190# over the years and try to stay in the 160# area. Right now I'm a few pounds over that, but most hammocks are rated well above any weight I well ever reach. :rolleyes:

06-20-2010, 11:56
I've been happy with my DD travel.

I've lost count of the trips I've done in it-Its holding up to the abuse very well. :)

I've had to repair the bug netting because it ripped on the stitching at the side for about 2 inches- this was due to me flipping it while drunk and all my weight was on it-all 100 kg's! :)

06-20-2010, 14:40
You convinced me!
I just ordered the Frontline & sleeve. Now the wait begins............ :rolleyes:

Any guesses on shipping time to the USA. :confused:

Festus Hagen
06-20-2010, 14:49
I'm in NY and both of my orders from DD seemed to show up incredibly quickly... 4 days maybe? YMMV...

You convinced me!
I just ordered the Frontline & sleeve. Now the wait begins............ :rolleyes:

Any guesses on shipping time to the USA. :confused: