View Full Version : Got my new DD Frontline today

07-01-2010, 19:20
Ordered 6/20 - shipped 6/21 - received 7/1
Not bad service IMO.
Set it up in the back yard but the supports were a bit too insecure to put my weight in it, so all I could do was look it over and form an opinion on quality.

Looks to be very well constructed, and hopefully will serve my needs. I like the double bottom and double zippered bug net arrangement. I have ordered a different suspension system that uses a cinch buckle/chain link & 1" webbing tree straps (from Arrowhead), but the webbing furnished looks quite serviceable and I will use it for my first hang. My main requirement in suspension is ease of use and secure fastening, weight is not a huge concern as long as it's reasonable.
I slipped on the DD hammock sleeve on the hammock while I had it up, and I must say I was pleased with the fit and ease of use. I prefer it to the 2 piece tapered snakeskins I've used on other hammocks.

Hopefully I will be able to test it tomorrow night! I was out last night in my GrandTrunk ultralight and ended up a bit cold on the bottom. Temperatures dropped to around 50 F, and all I used for warmth was a light synthetic fill sleeping bag. Just wanted to see the results of this combo in cooler conditions, and now I know! :scared:
I have some 3/16" (4.75mm) CC foam ordered and hopefully it will arrive tomorrow, if not I'll take an old 1/2" CC foam camping pad as the overnight low is again predicted to be in the 50 F range. I figured the 3/16 foam will break the wind and provide some insulation, and will be easy to cut to a shape that will stay in place and fit me well, while still being lightweight and manageable in the pack .
I also plan to use my fleece mummy bag liner for warmth. It seems to do as well as a light synthetic fill bag and takes up a lot less space in the pack. :rolleyes:

I look forward to getting out for a night in this hammock, and will report back soon! :D