View Full Version : Please stay on topic

Just Jeff
07-26-2010, 07:53
We've recently had several off-topic threads posted in the hammock forums, which moderators had to move into the off-topic sections. Please keep the hammock forums (such as General Hammock Talk) on the topic of hammocks.

If you have camping or hiking gear that isn't directly hammock-related, but most folks would be interested in taking on a trip, post it in the Non-Hammock Gear and DIY forum.

If you just want to show off your pictures or post a link completely unrelated to hammocks or camping, it belongs in the Donating Members Off-Topic section. If you're not a donating member, please either donate for access to that section or refrain from posting off-topic material.

We appreciate your cooperation. Keeping HF on topic is what sets up apart from every other hiking website on the internet.


The Mods