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Just Jeff
11-11-2006, 21:14
Hammocking Acronyms and Abbreviations

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AHE - Arrowhead Equipment
ARL - Adjustable Ridge Line
A-sym - Asymmetrical hammock
BA - Big Agnes (pad manufacturer)
BB - Warbonnet Blackbird
- Also, Blackbishop Bag
BBO - Bear Burrito Oven (AHE topcover for BB)
BEEP - Bottom Entry/Exit Portal
BFTH - Breakfast From The Hammock
BIAS - Butt In a Sling - manufacturer of lightweight hammocks
BMBH - Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock
BPL - BackPackingLight (website)
BULA - Hennessy Hammock Backpacker Ultralight Asym
BWDD - Backwoods Daydreamer
CBS - Cold Butt Syndrome
CC - Crazy Creek
CCF - closed cell foam, generally used for sleeping pads
CJH - Clark Jungle Hammock
CL - Continuous Loop
CNA - Clark North American
CONUS - Continental United States
CRL - Continuous Ridge Line.
DIY - Do It Yourself
DL - Double Layer, as in a hammock with 2 fabric layers
DH - Dream Hammock
DW - DutchWare
DMB - Dual Mode Bridge Hammock
DWR - Durable Water Repellent, a wind- and water-resistant treatment for fabrics
EXP - HH Explorer
EXPED - HH Expedition
- Also Exped, the company that makes the Downmat series of insulated inflatable sleeping pads
GG - Gear Guide - brand name of the 9x9 "neo's tarp" sold by Sportsman's Guide
- Also Granite Gear, known for lightweight packs
- Also Gossamer Gear, known for ultralight hiking gear
ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters - hammock manufacturer
HAAB - "Hook And Attached Bag" refers to hammocks like ENO, TTTM, Trek Light, etc
HF - Hammock Forums
HG - HammockGear
HH - Hennessy Hammocks - hammock manufacturer
HYOH - Hike Your Own Hike or Hang Your Own Hammock
IX - Insultex insulation
JGH/PC - Jacks 'R' Better "Jeff's Gear Hammock / Pack Cover"
JRB - Jacks 'R' Better - lightweight aftermarket hammock products
KAQ - Kickass Quilts - synthetic underquilts
MSB - Mini Spreader Bar
MSH - Marlinspike Hitch
MWUQ - JRB Mt. Washington Underquilt
MYOG - Make Your Own Gear
NOBO - Northbound - direction of a hiker's travel on long trails
NS - Jacks 'R' Better No Sniveler down quilt
OCF - open cell foam, sometimes used for sleeping pads, also used in Hennessy SuperShelter
OCF - Outdoor Equipment Supplier
ORM - Jacks 'R' Better Old Rag Mountain down quilt
PLUQ - Poncho Liner Under Quilt
PP - PeaPod
RL - Ridge Line
SBP - Skeeter Beater Pro
SEEP - Side Entry/Exit Portal - often for hammock socks/pods
SF - Speer SnugFit
SG - Sportsman's Guide - sells the 9x9 camo "neo's tarp" by Gear Guide
SLS - Single Line Suspension
SOBO - Southbound - direction of a hiker's travel on long trails
SPE - Segmented Pad Extender, a product by Speer Hammocks that uses pads and "wings" to insulate the hammock.
SRL - Structural Ridge Line
SS - Hennessy Hammocks SuperShelter
- Also snakeskins
- Also Jacks 'R' Better suspension system for underquilts
STL - Jacks 'R' Better Self Tensioning Lines. AKA Tarp Tensioners.
SWT - Speer Winter Tarp
TLWUQ = JRB Torso Length Wearable Underquilt
TQ - Top Quilt
TTTM - Ticket To The Moon - hammock manufacturer
UC - Undercover
UCR - Utility Constrictor Rope
UGQ- Under Ground Quilts
UKH - UK Hammocks - hammock manufacturer
UP - Underpad
UQ - Underquilt
VB - Vapor Barrier
WS - Whoopie Sling
- Also, Weather Shield (Jacks 'R' Better or Clark Jungle Hammock)
WB - Warbonnet
WBSF - Warbonnet Superfly
WBBB - Warbonnet Black Bird Hammock
WBRR - Warbonnet Ridgerunner


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